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Unlock the Bathrooms

A couple of voters have contacted me for clarity concerning my use of the words “open bathrooms”. Within my section of the Sun/Sailor Post Voters Guide, I use the term “open bathroom” which has created some confusion. I use the term in reference to bathrooms that are locked due to a lack of custodial personal within our schools.

This school board created the custodial staff shortage. Selling the buses resulted in getting rid of bus drivers who also worked as custodial staff. I believe the board never fully thought out what would happen if we got rid of our bus drivers. (It is worth mentioning the union ignored the issues and just let the jobs go without a fight.) This inability to predict the outcome of an action demonstrates the boards inability to conduct a full “due diligence” on an issue.

Prior to the great-bus-sell-off, district custodial workers were also bus drivers. In addition, those who wanted to earn more went to “boiler” school to gain certifications to maintain building boilers. This created great paying jobs and a workforce that could be counted on to do a great job. They were truly loyal workers. These bus drivers/custodians were also part of the daily life of students, providing yet another adult to help watch over them. It wasn’t just a job to those bus drivers.

I am advocating that we rehire bus drivers We can utilize those who want to work full time by having them work as custodians too. We could also add HVAC certifications to those who want a little advancement. They can maintain our HVAC systems.

The outsourcing of good jobs never benefits the outcomes. We need bathrooms re-opened, buildings sanitized and our expensive HVAC systems properly maintained while knowing kids are getting to school safely and on time. To outsource these important jobs was beyond short sighted.

Time to return some common sense to the decisions made by this board. We need new eyes on these issues to improve them and create sustainability for the district.

Please vote for me, ReNae Bowman for school board if you want these things changed.

Vote for Kim Holms and Aileen White too if you want a team of individuals who are committed to positive, common-sense change for District 281.

Together, ReNae, Kim and Aileen will make a difference.

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