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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

I have NOT asked for endorsements nor support from any political party within our school district nor the Robbinsdale teachers' union. I will however, if asked, seek the endorsement of SEIU and AFSCME and other district unions because I trust that leadership in these unions are working for the rank and file and not the administration.

District employees are our number one asset. The current administration does not seem to respect the important roll these employees play in the education of our children. It is time that is changed.

I have been an endorsed candidate in the previous campaigns, but choose to ignore these rituals for 2022. I seek the support of individual voters, not the institutions.

Seems senseless to seek approval from the same institutions who are road blocks to community building.

Regarding the teachers' union, the union president rarely attends the board meetings. He is there to gladhand when appropriate, but he does not sit through the business meetings. He likes to be around for the photo ops when district teachers win awards, but he doesn’t show up for school board meetings. I am sure he is clueless regarding budget issues.

He is in charge of giving endorsements. He only endorses candidates who are hand picked and status quo kinda people. Why would I show up?

If you get a copy of my literature, you will see the “union bug” proudly printed on the front. I support unions, the rank and file, the people who labor at the job. We are a union home. I endorse unions is a better way to understand who I am.

School Board directors hold non-patrician seats. The DFL knows this and should not endorse school board candidates. Non-partisan seats should be that, non-partisan. An endorsement makes them partisan. This time around they endorsed 5 candidates for the 4 seats, which does not make sense, what is their point when they endorse everyone who shows up?

Thank you for checking out my blog, hope I can count on you for your endorsement and for your vote.

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