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Anti ReNae Propaganda

Some residents within our community have received anti ReNae Bowman propaganda mail from a group called “Concerned Residents of Robbinsdale ISD 281” or the CRRSD, I am unaware of this community group.

Actually, I am rather flattered that people have put so much time effort and money trying to discredit me as a person, a leader. When I spent the time reading through the 4 pages, I was rather disheartened that the stuff wasn’t somehow juicer.

I am opting to not post the photos of the letters that were sent via regular mail. If you received a "letter" you will clearly understand which page I am referencing. If you did not receive the letter, you will still get a sense of an attempt at a smear campaign.

Page 1. Their so-called evidence actually shows that I am the type of leader I promised I would be. What is called toxic, abusive or false is actually me speaking truth to power. My words are not belittling or mean, my words address the issues I have experienced as a resident of Crystal. What is wrong with that?

Regarding social media, you can always find me on Facebook, via Messenger (if I accept a friend request, I am kinda picky) or email ( and phone/text (763-531-2074) or my website at . These are my chosen social media sites, not a fan of all the other social media outlets. I haven’t been on multiple social media sites, so how can I be kicked off of these sites.

Page 2: First note that this was from 2015. I was a private resident at that time. I was not an elected official. I believe the conversation was around the killing of a young black man at Becker Park. He had mental health issues and the police even knew him but he ended up dead. But it was before George Floyd, Daunte Wright and Philando Castelo so it got little attention.

To make matters worse, Mayor Jim Adams had disbanded the Crystal Human Right Commission saying we did not need it. Because we did not have a HR Commission, nobody questioned this police killing. We had no mechanism in the city to question the behavior of the police or ask “how could this happen”.

I was outraged. To make matters worse, people were responding about the incident on the “police site”. They had all the opinions about what had happened and none of them were favorable toward the young man and his family. The page also shows that “Daniel” who ever that might be, tries to make a derogatory comment toward me saying that I belong in San Francisco. Laughable and sad at the same time.

Page 3; I think whoever created this may have pasted the wrong date on this, I think it was earlier than 2018, but I digress. Ms. Hill was the founding member of the dog park in Crystal at Basset Creek Park. The Park and Recreation department had some issues so Ms. Hill came to me (while I was mayor) and together we were able to overcome the issues and open a dog park.

After I left office, there were huge problems at the park with people not following the rules. I forget all the issues because it goes back quite a few years. Dogs were not properly socialized and causing problems, people not following the rules and people bringing little, tiny kids into the park.

I had 3 dogs of my own at the time and I did not want to take my pets to the Basset Creek dog park. I felt that my dogs were not safe at that park. Ms. Hill worked tirelessly to create success. It was tough, I could feel her frustration. I just shared Ms. Hill’s post and told people to take note, everyone knew of the problems.

Page 3: The Senator Ann Rest Post. Don’t know the year of this post but again I am a private resident and I have an opinion and I am free to express that opinion. The one who should be embarrassed is Ann Rest. Again, proves I am not afraid to speak truth to the powers that be.

It is frustrating to spend years in a community where leadership feels no need to be accountable. It has been my campaign promise to you that I will speak truth to leaders. I am not afraid to challenge leadership or the status quo when needed. It is something we need to do in this school district if we hope to improve our district.

Page 4, not even worth the response, this is a chop, crop and paste page. Please note I am addressed as “Renag”, which could have been a post to me or not I don’t Tweet. Regarding my husband’s emailing address, he is on the Crystal Planning Commission and the Charter Commission so anyone can get that information. Obviously, it involves some guy named Ryan. There was a Ryan involved around 2015-2016 with a supposed new inclusion committee (to replace the Human Rights Commission) but by 2018, it was a dead issue and was only recently revived.

The sad truth is there are people afraid of being exposed. People are coming after me for shining a light on the incompetence that occur with this school board and the Administrators. This is going to happen again in this campaign, been here done this. The status quo sees their support base eroding. The loss of 5,000 resident students has diminished the support base.

I am not afraid of propaganda tactics. But your opinion of me and how I work with others matters to me and I am happy to say I can provide several references of people from both government and corporate America who have worked with me and found it genuinely enjoyable. They will say I am effective and fun to work with.

In asking for your vote, I am asking for your trust. Many of know of me during the past 2 years, you know who I am and I am not what this propaganda describes.

As a woman we are told to remediate our personalities, be nicer, but that is not me. Remember “well-behaved women rarely make history.” If I come on a bit strong, remember I spent a lifetime as a woman in a man’s world. But I guarantee that I will advocate for students and the residents with both respect and dignity but the opposing side will always call it abusive, toxic or false because they do not want the status quo changed.

I ask that you continue to support me with your vote. I thank you in advance for your continued support.

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