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Meet ReNae 

Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Hello and welcome to my website.  

I am ReNae Bowman asking you to vote for me, ReNae Bowman, in the November 2022 election to serve as a Robbinsdale School Board Director. 

The November 2022 School Board election is critical for the Robbinsdale Area school district because our future success is on the line.  Ten years of deficit spending and the loss of 5000 students in the past 7 years has deeply wounded our district and the Board is not concerned.  (Number includes projected drop of  students for the fall of 2022-23).

The current School Board has positioned the district for colossal failure and proof is in the big losses experienced across the district, except for Administration Department, that branch of the district increased over 31 percent in 6 years. 


If we do the math, the losses add up to the fact that we need 4 new members on the Robbinsdale School Board.

Why should you vote for me? 

I am not new to public office.  I was honored to be elected to the Robbinsdale School Board in 1996 for a unique 5-year term, serving from 1997-2001. 


In 2004 I was elected mayor for the city of Crystal where I served for 8 years.  I have excellent knowledge of the workings of government budgets and a proven track record of successful service to the community.  I have a reputation for listening to learn and understand.  


I know how to make government work and I believe it should work for the people who pay the bills, not the people who "push the papers".

I was encouraged to step out of “retirement” to run for school board in the 2020 election by concerned residents who showed me evidence of poor money management and the current Board’s complete disregard for the community they were elected to serve.


In the 2020 election I took 4th place missing by only 800 votes after a 4-month campaign. Since then, I have continued to build upon the campaign I committed to winning 2 years ago and I am convinced that 4 new school board members can, will and must return the district’s standing of excellence.   

I have attended School Board Meetings, Listening Times and continued to review information provided by District officials to learn and understand.  I have tried to ask questions, but as residents of the district we are limited to emails, and a monthly Listening Time.   Speakers are limited to 3 minutes per person even if only 3 speakers show up to fill 45 minutes of allotted time.  I watched our Board members and Superintendent sit in silence waiting to adjourn the Listening meeting rather than engage with community members in attendance.

During Listening Time, speakers state concern or questions to 3 Board Directors who do not ask clarifying question.  Updates are given to other Board Directors during the Board meeting that follows listening time.  These updates are watered-down story telling version of the concerns presented. Reporting Board Directors usually turn a community concerns into statements about themselves, how hard they work.  


They tell us they care deeply but their actions don’t reflect that care.  It is beyond frustrating.

Current Board members do not take calls or voicemail.  One night after a school board meeting, one of the directors walked by and we tried to ask a clarifying question about an item from the meeting, he turned and ran.  Director Sant ran. 

Through videos and blogs posts, I will provide information about failed financial strategies  and program losses affecting the quality of education within the Robbinsdale School District and what can be done to turn that around.


Please please continue to come back for more information.  I encourage your questions and feedback along with your support.  Earning your vote is important to me.  

I am counting on you to vote for me, ReNae Bowman to help save District 281.  Thank you.

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Background & Qualifications


AAS Business & Marketing, North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, MN

BA Management & Communication, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN  

Elected Positions

Robbinsdale School Board Director, 1997 - 2001

Mayor, City of Crystal, MN  2004-2012


Currently retired I spent my corporate career working in records and information management, technical writing and training development.  I have worked for Toro, UnitedHealth Group, Aveda Corporation and RJBowman & Associates, my own consulting business.  

Personal Life

I am married to Joe Selton and we live in Crystal.  We have been married for 10 years and have a blended family that includes 4 (living) daughters, 9 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  All of our daughters are graduates of the Robbinsdale district and currently 2 grandchildren attend school in the district. 

I grew up in the school district, attending from the first grade until graduation from Armstrong High School in 1971.  I attended Cooper High School during my sophomore and junior year.  It was quite an experience being in the class of 1971, the first graduating class from Armstrong.


Passions & Hobbies

My passion is community building.  Strong communities create healthy neighborhoods where kids have access to positive assets instead of negative influences.  Same is true for the school districts, strong schools build healthy communities. 

My other passions include pollinator gardening, rehabbing previously used furniture and getting as much grandma time in as is possible despite the busy lives of kids and grandkids. 

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