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Why am I running for the Robbinsdale School Board?

The Robbinsdale Area School Community is tired of not being seen and heard by the current school board directors.  We are tired of watching our neighbors look for options outside of our district.  We are tired of lost options and pathways for students.  We are tired of watching good employees flee the district.  We are tired of the board's hostility.  We are tired of 10 years of decline.

I am running for the Robbinsdale School Board to increase learning opportunities/pathways, improve outcomes for students, rebuild community trust, restore financial health and improve the learning environment for students and teachers/staff.   

Community trust is destroyed.  District assets were stripped away.  During this past school year kids were left at home due to bussing issues created by this board, yet the board blamed COVID or employee shortages.  No accountability. 

I am proud of our community who banded together to get students to their schools despite a board that kept telling them to go away.  

Credit requirements were reduced in number which increased graduation rates.  Students were allowed to graduate with less credits demonstrating that school days are not utilized for learning. 


The District reduced pathways toward success for students through program cuts and shifts, necessitating students sit in large study halls rather than participate in classroom learning.  This cheats our students, we want small classrooms, not large study halls.  

The decline in credits requirements, programs and other options reduce learning pathways and creates learning gaps.  The District is failing to provide programs based on students' wants and needs.  Students are talking and the adults are not listening.  

Elections make a difference.

The solution to the failed policies and actions of the Robbinsdale School Board is to replace current board members with new board members.   The 2022 School Board election gives voters the opportunity to bring 4 new members onto the school board.  I ask for your vote and encourage you to vote for 3 others who have the skills and the passion to save our district.  Look for my endorsements of 3 other candidates on my blog, located within this website.  

Each resident will vote for (up to) 4 candidates for school board.  

I endorse and will vote for myself, Kim Holmes and Aileen White. Aileen, Kim and I have attended all the meetings during the past couple of years.  We have attended the worksessions and tried to ask the tough questions.  Our input has been shunned and we have been called names and accused of being liars.  The status quo knows we know what is going on and they want us to go away, all the more reason we should be elected.  

The current school board has failed us; showing dismal results in budget management, students’ achievement and community trust. 

At a recent meeting, current SB members agreed the district is heading toward a cliff with its 2024 budget.  They know of, yet ignore, budget problems, along with several other issues. 

A change of school board members is needed to save the district from the cliff.  As a new board member, I can be the catalyst for positive change, the spark starts here, I get things done. Vote for me ReNae Bowman for Robbinsdale School Board.

I support and will vote for myself, Aileen White and Kim Holmes.  Together we have attended board meetings, asked tough questions, heard the horror stories from parents and teachers and have come to a conclusion that we need change at school board level. 


ReNae Bowman, Kim Holmes and Aileen White will create positive change in the district. 

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